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Second Chances & the Right To Dream – Boosting Our Voices Podcast Episode

By September 20, 2023December 11th, 2023No Comments

Listen in to the latest podcast episode from Boosting Our Voices, a podcast of Boost Oregon which serves to “amplify the voices of BIPOC Oregonians, put a spotlight on BIPOC businesses and organizations, and provide evidence-based health information”. New Narrative’s Vice President of Equity, Culture, & Talent LaFreda Ceaser spoke with podcast host Ari O’Donovan about how her incredible story impacts how she approaches her work with cultural transformation within organizations. She offers timely reminders about the importance of curiosity and a willingness to make mistakes in order to create a culture of inclusion and innovation. Don’t miss this conversation and its takeaways about best practices in the DEI space!

I think the piece that gets missed in the equity space is that this is about learning and growing, right? This is not about policing people. This is about getting people to stretch what they think, how they think, what they thinking about…And so this work is about learning and growing. It is not about policing anyone. –LaFreda Ceaser

Listen to or Read the Transcript for the Podcast Episode