Clinical care

At our outpatient clinics and residential treatment facilities, each participant is valued as an individual, with personalized treatment plans drawn up in collaboration. Together, we discuss individual needs and desires, but participants set their own goals.

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Peer programs

Staffed by people who have experienced trauma or mental health concerns themselves, our peer-to-peer programs offer ways to build vocational and social skills, set and pursue wellness goals, connect with a community, and take steps toward the life the participant wants.

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We own, operate and manage permanent supportive housing and independent housing sites, and partner with local property owners to provide additional housing options. We work with our participants to determine the level of support needed so they may live as independently as possible.

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Who we serve

Everyone we serve is unique. Each arrives with different needs, talents, and hopes. We specialize in working with adults (18 and over) who are at risk of falling through the cracks in our society and remaining in a cycle of poverty and untreated mental health conditions. We work with you to interrupt this cycle, including addressing your complex needs so you may find stability and recovery.

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