From clinical care and peer support programs to housing, we provide resources so people seeking mental health care can develop the tools to thrive, not just survive.


A future where everyone seeking mental health care can live the life they choose.


Inspire belonging

We foster an environment where everyone is welcome. We reflect the diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences of current and former participants in everything we do.

Dare to make a difference

We don’t accept “that’s the way it’s always been done.” We seek innovative solutions to tough problems, take initiative, and push the status quo. We think outside the clinical box.

Partner with participants

We partner with participants, but don’t call the shots. We provide resources so they can develop the tools to live the life they choose. We believe all people deserve to be the architect of their own lives.

Celebrate the present and the possible

We believe in honoring what is and visualizing what could be. We focus on progress, not perfection. We find joy in small victories and big milestones.

Lead by earning trust

We never lose sight of the trust placed in us by service recipients, family members, and communities. We listen, we engage, and we always strive to be better.