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OPB Think Out Loud – Community Partners Affordable Housing helps residents thrive

By August 5, 2023August 21st, 2023No Comments

“[New Narrative doesn’t] just help you with rental assistance. They have a rental assistance program before they put you into programs like this place. They help you. You have to do the footwork as much as they do the footwork. They have therapy, they have psychiatry. They have classes for people to get together, people that feel lonely and depressed, that don’t have friends and they cannot make friends. They have each other because they have group homes, too.”

– New Narrative Participant Paula Morrison

The housing affordability crisis is ongoing and real, but so is the work being done to provide sustainable, affordable housing. We are proud of the services we can offer our partner Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH) and their work to advance “equitable communities and housing justice through developing sustainable and long-lasting housing, providing our residents with services for stabilization and growth, and connecting people who are unhoused with a place to call home.”

Read or listen to CPAH’s interview from earlier this month with Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Think Out Loud program.

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