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New Narrative Implements AI Software to Provide Groundbreaking Assistance for Clinical Staff

By April 30, 2024May 22nd, 2024No Comments

New Narrative is partnering with Eleos Health, the most widely-used platform in behavioral health, to alleviate provider administrative burden by using augmented intelligence to automatically turn therapy conversations into documentation and care analytics.

Allie Sheets, Vice President of Clinical Services at New Narrative, says, “We know clinicians didn’t go into this field because they were excited to write notes, and thanks to Eleos we are equipping our staff to focus on their primary responsibility and passion: working with our participants on pursuing their goals and futures. This technology is giving valuable time and mental energy back to our staff, and we are grateful for this partnership.” Clinical Director Daina Tague added, “The administrative work of documentation is a top source of burnout for clinicians and with this technology we are already seeing the potential for decreasing this burnout.”

New Narrative hopes to use this behavioral health-specific AI technology to reduce administrative task time by 50% or more and drive higher care quality compared to treatment as usual. The platform embeds within existing EHR and telehealth workflows while remaining HIPAA compliant. “We are thrilled to partner with New Narrative and bring our purpose-built AI technology to the state of Oregon,” said Alon Joffe, CEO of Eleos Health. “New Narrative’s commitment to innovation is a direct reflection of their commitment to staff. They know improving the quality of their team’s day-to-day experience is the key to ensuring care quality and access amid ongoing workforce shortages, and we’re excited to help them put the Eleos platform in the hands of the providers who need it most.”

This new effort was funded by a grant through CareOregon. Vice President of Behavioral Health at CareOregon Jill Archer noted, “It’s absolutely vital that we do everything we can to increase equitable access to quality health care and support our clinicians. We are proud to support New Narrative take this significant step forward in streamlining administrative processes and improving access to behavioral health.”

Julie Ibrahim, CEO of New Narrative, adds, “We are proud to be the first mental health provider in the region to implement this technology. Our work thrives on innovation, and we believe this platform will lead the way in revolutionizing treatment to facilitate the best provider/participant experience possible. We are thankful to CareOregon for giving us this opportunity.”

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