Julie Ibrahim

Julie Ibrahim

Chief Executive Officer

Key topics:

Understanding the Realities of our Mental Health System

From Institutional Foster Care to Independence and the Journey in between

LaFreda Ceaser in a black top with green trees in the backdrop

LaFreda Ceaser

Vice President of Equity Culture and Talent

Key topics:

Organizational Culture

Equity Strategy and Implentation

Talent Development

Will Allen in a blue shirt standing in front of green trees.

Will Allen

Vice President of Operations

Key topics:

The Importance of Housing: Development, Programming, and Deployment

Lindsay Downen in a dark green long sleeve top in front of green trees

Lindsay Downen

Vice President of Quality and Impact

Key topics:

Assessing programmatic impact of service delivery

Evaluating and modifying compliance regulations to meet the needs of participants

Daniel Nicoli wearing a purple plaid button down shirt. Leafy foliage in backdrop.

Daniel Nicoli

Medical Director

Key topics:

Delivering multidisciplinary mental health care to community members who suffer from severe and persistent mental health challenges

Medication management (i.e., psychopharmacology) when working with complex treatment participants

Haven Taylor in a blue cardigan over a white shirt, standing in front of green foliage

Haven Taylor

Vice President of Peer Services

Key topics:

What do we mean when we say “peer services”? Opportunities for intersection and divergence with traditional mental health services (e.g. clinical and residential)

The role of whole-person care and changing the narrative of “mental illness” and “recovery” from static states to a dynamic spectrum of wellness

Learn about New Narrative

Beth Cooke, standing outside in denim jacket.

Beth Cooke

Vice President of Development and Advocacy

Key topics:

New Narrative – who we are, what we do, and how you can partner with us